Coming Back To God

Coming back to something or someone you once knew is always a struggle. “Will they accept me?”, “Have I gone too far to be forgiven?”. It’s a case of not only overcoming your anticipation of the reaction, but also any internal shame and ultimately forgiving yourself. “Am I worthy of their forgiveness?”, “How could they … Continue reading Coming Back To God

Live Your Best Life

Have you ever wanted more of your life? Felt like you had more to offer this world? Have you ever felt hindered to succeed? By friends? Family? Even yourself? We’ve all experienced this at some point; whether you’re 16, 65, or in between, we all know what it feels like to fall short of what … Continue reading Live Your Best Life

Time Alone

Being alone can be a blessing. Nowadays we’re surrounded by heaps of information - some beneficial, some temporarily useful and others outright useless. Why are we so obsessed with lives we don’t live? Why live vicariously through others, when there’s a whole life of your own to direct? All this information, whether we’re aware or … Continue reading Time Alone